What Defines "Estate Jewelry"?

The term “estate jewelry” roughly means that it has been previously owned by another person, not necessarily that is has come from a person’s estate – although sometimes it does.

Estate jewelry combines sophisticated design with exquisite workmanship and superb gemstones at a more obtainable price point than new pieces. And as an added benefit – it’s often the only one of its kind which is why a good piece is always in demand whether your buying or selling.

  Rather than a piece you see over and over on others, estate   jewelry is as special and individual as its wearer.

 We all have physical and character differences and are   unique, just like many pieces of jewelry and gemstones out   there.  Jewelry is not meant to be just an accent to your   appearance, but also as an enhancement to your individuality.  Weather garish or feminine there is a piece for everyone and often times you can find that perfect piece in estate or unique jewelry.

Though jewelry today is fine and expertly made, there’s no doubt that production procedures are different today than they were years ago.  Many gemstone cuts of yesterday are not used today.

There are so many reasons to consider and invest in estate jewelry.

Sometimes it may seem impossible to find the perfect piece of jewelry to match your favorite outfits, but fortunately vintage / estate jewelry gives you that option.  Whether feminine Victorian or glamorous; 

 estate jewelry covers all of it.  Additionally, often times an   estate piece has an elevated value over a similar piece   currently made.  As far as quality, years ago the oceans were   less polluted and that helped to make a better quality and   cultured pearl.  The more polluted the oceans become, pearl   value can lower.  In addition to pearl quality gemstone cuts of yesterday are different than today.   In the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840; before the Industrial Revolution, all gemstones were cut and set by candlelight. Each piece was conceived and manufactured by highly skilled jewelers who were often 5th, 6th, or 7th generation in the industry. Jewelers often apprenticed for years until they acquired the skills to become a master jeweler and create on their own.

For those environmentally conscious…  Commercial mining methods and techniques are enormously destructive for the Earth and scars the face of the land for generations to come.  Mining activities can lead to the generation of large quantities of heavy metal laden wastes which are released in an uncontrolled manner, causing widespread contamination of the ecosystem.

Though some heavy metals classified as essential are important for normal life physiological processes, higher concentrations above stipulated levels have deleterious effects on human health and biota.  Buying antique and vintage jewelry promotes recycling of precious metals and gemstones and is the most eco-friendly option in the jewelry market.

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamond are from regions that focus on negative mining aspects and often to fund warlords and invading armies.  Conflict diamonds are conflict resources which involve other resources like gold and colored gemstones as well as diamonds.  Conflict mining is a current issue so purchasing antique or vintage estate jewelry ensures that you are not funding the conflict.

Estate, vintage or antique jewelry are like time capsules of an era’s aesthetic characteristics.  All details of each piece tell a story or have mythology, family history or ancient lore attached to it.  These pieces are true heirlooms and give clues to heritage.  When these pieces are destroyed or melted down, history is destroyed!

Many pieces of antique or vintage jewelry are one-of-a-kind or at least rare. If a particular piece is manufactured for the masses, over time, many are lost, which increases the rarity. This issue is especially real for antique earrings; it is easy to misplace one earring over the centuries. Jewelry before the industrial revolution was crafted by hand, so only a few remain from the original runs.

So, whether you’re looking to finish off your jewelry wardrobe, own a nugget of history from the Art Nouveau era or just want to find the ideal drop earrings, estate jewelry is the perfect way to personalize your look, stay on budget and create your own talking points in every room.

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  • I took a look at your vintage pieces and some are just gorgeous! They are on my wish list, for sure!


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